Getting started with BlackVue SIM

Getting started with BlackVue SIM

  1. Why BlackVue SIM cards?
  2. Is my device compatible with BlackVue SIMs?
  3. Where can I get BlackVue SIM cards?
  4. Where can I use BlackVue SIM cards?
  5. BlackVue SIM card’s Pricing and Conditions
  6. Experience SIM service with Free Trial

Why Blackvue SIM card? #

BlackVue Bundles SIM Card With Its Dash Cams for Easy Cloud Connectivity.
BlackVue Dash Cameras is thrilled to announce the launch of the BlackVue SIM Card in North America. The SIM Card, taking advantage of telecommunications operator Telenor’s global network, allows owners of BlackVue’s latest dash cams with built-in LTE to easily connect their model to the Cloud out of the box.
While tech-savvy car owners may not mind going through the search and selection of a data SIM card or the setting up of a mobile hotspot in their vehicle, the thought could give others pause. Enter the BlackVue SIM Card.
“A lot of users enjoy BlackVue Cloud but we knew that setting it up can be a daunting task for some customers”, said Seohyeon Choi, BlackVue Cloud Service Team project manager. “With the BlackVue SIM Card, we wanted to give users a chance to try BlackVue Cloud worry-free, out of the box, without having to shop separately for a hotspot or data plan.”
With the BlackVue SIM Card, users only need to create a free BlackVue Cloud account and follow a few simple steps to connect their dash cam to the Cloud.
Anyone interested in the BlackVue SIM Card can learn more at


Is my device compatible with BlackVue SIMs? #

With the DR750X LTE Plus models—compatible at launch—the BlackVue SIM card is automatically activated upon powering after insertion into the built-in SIM reader.
BlackVue SIM is only provided in the DR750X LTE PLUS, but the card can be used in any BlackVue device. However, If you want to activate the BlackVue Sim card in other BlackVue devices, you should go to the SIM ACTIVATION steps and put ‘connect.cxn’ in the APN information.


Where can I get BlackVue SIM cards? #

The card is included in the DR750X LTE PLUS package. If the card is lost or has a malfunction, please contact the CS team. A new card will be delivered, after a short call with the CS team.


Where can I use BlackVue SIM cards? #

The BlackVue SIM Card is compatible with T-Mobile, AT&T, Roger and Telus networks.


BlackVue SIM card’s Pricing and Conditions #

When it comes to pricing and conditions, the BlackVue SIM Card comes in 1GB ($10.99), 3GB ($23.99) and 5GB ($39.99) monthly plans, with a 1GB free month trial period to make getting started even easier. Users can cancel their plan anytime ahead of the next monthly charge.


Free Trial #

BlackVue offers 1GB for a 1-month free trial(maximum 2GB for a 2-month free), allowing you to try out BlackVue Cloud Service with a Blackvue SIM card. 

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