What’s Explore Home

About our Explore #

As the BlackVue app renewed at this time. This Explore Home focuses on ”How to make user easier to get involved in our service and enjoy Cloud Exclusive feature”

So you can indirectly experience our cloud features and contents without a dashcam.

Enjoy looking around the contents of BlackVue, which are shared by BlackVue Users.


Event banner #

‘Event banner’ will share a variety of Events and Promotions for the BlackVue service

and Product Each Banner is clickable, having a link with a related page in detail. 

Take a look around these banner slots.

BlackVue Live

‘BlackVue Live’ is a user-shared live video that you can watch.

The ongoing live-view videos are listed in this section at random.

You can also check the video owner’s nationality and the camera’s name.

moreover, you can get to know the number of live viewers in that live streaming.

*Please refer to the detailed manual section of this


Popular Video #

‘Popular Video’ has shared events files that have the most like counts and the most viewed.

*Please refer to the detailed manual section of this


Event map with random county & Event

You can watch our popular countries’ daily shared events on the map randomly.

*Please refer to the detailed manual section of this


What’s New

What’s New is a section for the Youtube video from the BlackVue Youtube channel.

You can check the issuing videos in youtube Trends and Tutorial videos that we prepared.

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