BlackVue Live

BlackVue Live #

By ‘BlackVue Live,’ users vicariously experience the excitement and pleasure of driving all over the world!

The ongoing live-view cameras are listed in this section at random.


You can also check the Camera’s Location, Name and Total View counts.

Be the camera owner with the highest view counts!




You can check the location of BlackVue Live Camera’s on the World Map by tapping the location icon. 


How to share your Camera to BlackVue Live Camera #

If you want to share your camera, please refer to the information below and change the privacy settings.

Share location

By default, the “Share Location” option is disabled. If you share your location to BlackVue Cloud, you are allowing your dash cam’s location to be shared publicly. It can be viewed on the BlackVue Cloud Map Viewer. Turning on Share location opens up other optional preferences to share more with your fellow drivers around the world.

Share Live Video

Other BlackVue users can access your live video feed if you activate this option.

Share Live Audio

The live audio can be shared with other BlackVue Cloud users. You can activate it once you allow us to share your live video.

Share Camera Profile

Your camera name will be shown on the camera located on the BlackVue map.

Note that allowing GPS access does not have anything to do with sharing your location. Unless you allow your location to be shared in ‘Public Setting’, your location is totally private to yourself.


If the user shares the location and live videos of the camera, but only the “Share Camera Profile” is turned off, it is show as a BlackVue Logo default image instead of the user’s profile.



NOTE: Activating the options above means you are allowing other BlackVue users anywhere in the world to identify your present location and your camera’s activities.


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