Profile Overview ( What’s Profile & What’s in there )


Profile section has two different parts. 

One is “Profile” and the other is “More”.


Profile : Check below features that you can use 

You can easily check the account status and information via this profile section.





Profile section

You can check your profile image and Nick-name.

(Nick-name is usually set as the front part of your fist name or the front part of email)

Also you can edit those information with ( Edit icon) 

Plan status 

The plan type and status will be exposed in this section with the plan and current camera slot. 


Also you can upgrade your plan or manage. 

*Reffers to “Upgrade Plan”

Current usage status section

(Live View / Playback & Download / Cloud storage)

Up to your plan that you’ve subscribed, the limitation of this part will be exposed differently. 


So you can check the rest of time& storage  for the contents

(Live View / Playback & Download / Cloud storage)

Download Videos

Can check the videos that you’ve downloaded recently via SD card, Cloud storage, and Live Event upload.


This is the app local storage, so you can check the same videos as long as you use the same mobile device.

Password change

You can change your password for the security and privacy. 

Refers to the retrieve or change password manual.

Log out

Tap this button when you want the log out so that the app requires the ID and password since the nest implementation of this app




More section overview (What’s more & What’s in there).


More is the section, which includes Help Center & the other various features that makes your BlackVue experience better. Check the features and enjoy them.




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