Sign up for BlackVue Cloud account

Sign up for BlackVue Cloud Account #


1. Download the BlackVue PC Viewer (Windows).
2. Install the software on your computer by following the procedures that pop up.
3. Open the BlackVue PC Viewer and click Cloud Viewer.

4. Click Account on the top bar and the Create Account button.

5. Fill in the sign-up form with your email address and password. Make sure that you understand terms of service, privacy policy, the information we collect and why, and Terms of Location-Based Service Use. Put a tick in the Subscribe to the newsletter and receive emails to learn more about BlackVue.

6. Click OK. Then you will find a pop-up message as below. A subscription confirmation email will be sent to the email you typed in. Enter the 6 digit code in the pop-up and click Confirm.

7. You are now logged in to the BlackVue Cloud. To upgrade plans, make sure that you check out the links below.

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