Notifications #


Notification history #

Click Notifications and check out notification history.


Event notifications contain thumbnail pictures. For the first 90 seconds, after an event notification was created, only Live view is allowed to watch. Click the Live view button to watch what’s ahead of your driver while waiting for the playback video. Then, the playback button will be clickable. Click it to see a recorded playback video.


Filter notification history

Filter out unwanted notifications using Time, Name, and Event Category filters.

*If you have connected a Driver Monitoring System, you will be able to filter DMS events.


Notification popup #

When an event occurs in your cameras, you can receive a real-time notification on the web viewer. In the same way as the notification history, you can watch live view of the camera that sent the notification, and playback of the event video on the notification popup.

* If you have connected a Driver Monitoring System, the push notification will show the interior video thumbnail instead of the front video thumbnail.


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