Manage your cameras

Camera list on the list view and map view #

If you haven’t added any cameras yet, click to add your camera. If you already have cameras registered to the cloud, you will be able to find your cameras on these pages.


List View Map View


Note: You can switch between a list view and a map view. This switch will flick on and off depending on which view you are looking at.


Camera menu #

On the camera menu

Rename: change the name of the camera

Settings: change the settings of the camera for your preference.

Remote firmware update: check if there’s any available firmware to update.

Reboot camera: reboot the camera remotely.

Delete camera: delete the camera from your account.


Add camera #

Put in the serial number and cloud code printed on your camera.

* To experience the camera’s features in the web viewer, the camera must be connected to the cloud. Downloading the BlackVue app is recommended to add the camera and connect the camera to the cloud at once.


Browse camera’s features #


Click the camera on List view and you will see the playback page. Check out other features by clicking the tabs at the top.


Click the camera on the camera list of Map view. You can view detailed information and the features of the camera. If you select the button of the desired feature, you will be taken to a page where you can check various features of the camera.

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