Manage cameras on the camera list

Find your cameras on the camera list #

1. If you haven’t added any cameras yet, tap to add your camera. If you already had cameras registered to the cloud, you will be able to find individual cameras.


2. Tapfile_ more to set up the individual camera.

Settings: change the settings of the camera for your preference, including Privacy, Live event upload, Notifications, and Firmware.

Cloud connection settings: change the settings for cloud connection

Details: find model name, serial number, firmware version, and driver details.

Rename: change the name of the camera.

Remote firmware update: update firmware over the cloud. You can check if there is a new firmware released.

Reboot camera: reboot camera remotely



3. If you created a group on your fleet, you will be able to see the group’s name only. Tap on the group and see all the dashcams registered to that group. (Fleet Owner Account only)



4. Search your camera’s name in the search bar on the top. You can also search for your group’s name. (Fleet Owner Account only) 


Delete your cameras on the camera list #

1. Tap select-icon to select the cameras to delete.


2. Select the cameras to delete and tap on delete-icon(delete) at the bottom to permanently delete the camera(s).

* Note that all your files saved will be lost if you did not back up those files in any third-party memory.

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