How do I activate SIM cards?

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How do I activate SIMs? #

Activating SIMs is easy with BlackVue APP and Web viewer. This guide will walk you through the SIM activation process that you can use for all BlackVue SIMs. You can activate BlackVue SIMs in the process of adding a camera or BlackVue SIM card Management portal.


Before You Begin

Register and manage SIM cards through the BlackVue account.

Current BlackVue Cloud customers who already added a camera: Have your ID and Password ready.

New BlackVue Cloud customers: If you would like to activate SIMs using the process of adding a camera, please refer to this guide.


Start on your BlackVue camera

  1. Insert the SIM card into your compatible device.
  2. Power on your device.
  3. Enter
  4. Log in to your BlackVue Cloud account.
  5. A new portal opens when you click “BlackVue SIM card” at the web viewer side navigation bar.
  6. Click “ADD SIM” to register the card
  7. Next, you will need to enter BlackVue SIM ICCID number. BlackVue SIM card has a 20 digits unique ID printed on it, this is the ICCID. Please enter the last 14 digits of the ICCID number.
  8. You will need to Check Free trial days. Once you check your subscription plan hit the Next button on the button of the screen.
  9. Finally, you will need to enter your Billing information. Once you have done that simply hit the Try 1-month free button to finish the activation process.  Fill out your details and click “Try 1 month free”
  10. All done! Click OK and you will find your SIM registered.

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