Log in / Log out / Password finding or change

Onboarding  #

Our onboarding makes you get to know BlackVue cloud features quickly and easily. #

If you already have your account for BlackVue Cloud → Tab the log in button. If you don’t have an account yet. Tap the create account button.

Log In  #

1. Tap the Log in button as you already have your ID for the BlackVue cloud service

2. You will see this page with those demanded input fields ( email ID & Password )

Forgot password? #

1. If you for your password. Just try to tap the Forgot password button on this page It will lead you to the following page for finding your forgotten password.

Password Change #

1.You can also change your password at password change at home Tap “Password change button”

2. Just enter your current password then new password. If you enter the new password in right form your password will be changed successfully

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