BlackVue Battery Management in the BlackVue App

BlackVue Battery Management in the BlackVue App for B-130X, B-124X, and B-124 users.

How to view and use this feature in the BlackVue App.

Check the below condition.

  1. Make sure your BlackVue app version is up to date.
  2. Please turn on your Bluetooth-compatible BlackVue batteryaround the app
    *This app only supports B-124X and B-124.

Step 1. Launch the BlackVue app ( * Not the old version of the BlackVue battery app) and tap BlackVue Battery.


Step 2. Get into the Battery scan page and wait until the battery mode is listed on the screen.


Step 3. And Tap your Battery model on the scan list page.




Step 4. If you failed to connect your battery with this app. Check the below conditions.




Step 5. And now you can check your battery status up.

Step 5. Then you can also set the value of the Battery setting.

*B-130X has a setting page like the below image.
It only can set the Beep on/off of the device In the app.




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