Remote firmware update FOTA(+DMC200)

What is the FOTA ?  #

FOTA is abbreviation for Firmware On The Air which means you can update the camera’s firmware wirelessly. And this new firmware updating can make user use the newly released features.


In BlackVue Fota has 2 kinds. one is Wi-Fi Fota and the other is the Cloud Fota. 


How to get into FOTA? #


In the cameras, You can access in the Fota at the camera’s submenu.

 ( Both Cloud & Wi-Fi have it in its submenu )


In the preview

( Both Cloud & Wi-Fi have it in its preview )

Wi-Fi Fota  #



1. When you get into Wi-Fi Fota, you can know if the new firmware is existed or not.

( Check details in Release note ) 


2. Tap Update Firmware then the app will download the new version of firmware. 

3. If it’s done, Tap Continue button, then it will send the firmware in app to the dashcam wirelessly. 

4. whentthe firmware update is done the last pop up will be shown with a message that the Fota is successfully done. 

5. Tap ok to done Fota and go back to camera.

Cloud Fota  #


Cloud fota doesn’t need to download the latest version of firmware to app. It rather send the firmware to camera from server directly. 



DMC200 is a AI powered IR camera which is connected with front camera.

So It has its own firmware as well. and it also has the Cloud DMC200 Fota and Wi-Fi Fota. 

You can download its firmware in dmc200 connected camera’s submenu and preview. 

*when you download the firmware of devices (front camera & DMC200). You must download the front camera firmware at first.  

Via Cameras 

Via Preview



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