Remote firmware update (FOTA)

Remote firmware update (FOTA)

You can update the firmware over the cloud.
When a new firmware is available, file_ more or icon will be highlighted on the camera list.
The Firmware can only be updated when the dashcam is connected to Cloud.

1. You can find Remote firmware updates on both map view and camera view. Click file_ more or  and Remote firmware update.

2. Check the new firmware information and click the Update firmware button. Download will commence immediately.

3. While downloading it, you will find this message below. It also displays a download status.

4. When updating the firmware, the dashcam will force reboot and start updating the firmware on its own. Hence, do not disconnect the power supply. Any power interruption may prevent the firmware update from completing, which may result in the malfunction of the dashcam.

5. Once the firmware update is complete, you will find the message below.

6. If any error occurs during the firmware update process, you will find the message below. Click to retry. If the same issue persists, check the cloud connectivity and power supply connection.

* If you have DMS200 connected to your camera by a cable, your camera will automatically download the firmware package which has two different firmware for the camera and DMS. Once the package is downloaded to the camera, it will automatically update your camera and DMS. Make sure a cable connection between the camera and DMS is uninterrupted.

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