Playback videos

Playback videos #


Overview #

If you click any file on the file list, the selected file plays on the player. You can check the GPS location and speed of the vehicle on the map below. Plus, the G-sensor graph will appear under the map. Make sure that GPS recording is on and G-sensor sensitivity is set up to check the features provided by BlackVue.

A : Video Player

B : File list

C : Map

D : G-sensor graph


Player #


A: Time, Date, File type, Camera orientation

B: Camera orientation

C: Progress bar, Controls


Previous Next
Previous frame Next frame
Play Pause
Video speed controller (1x / 0.5x) Video flipper to mirror the video (flip horizontally / vertically)
Resolution (low resolution by default / original) Full screen



File list #

With BlackVue Web viewer, you can playback all the videos recorded while you’re driving. In each tab of the file list, you can check the file list according to the file storage.


Camera #

Camera tab contains the videos saved in the SD card.

You can download the video to your local storage or upload the video to the cloud in the Camera tab. If you want to download or upload multiple files, click and tick the checkboxes of files you want to select.

*Note that you can’t delete videos on the SD card from the viewer. To delete them, use BlackVue SD card viewer (Download link)


Cloud #

All the videos you have uploaded to the cloud are found on this tab. You can download these videos from the cloud to your local storage or delete the videos.


Live event upload #

All the Live event upload videos will be uploaded automatically here if you turned on the live event upload in Settings. You can download these videos from the Live event upload cloud storage to your local storage, move videos to cloud storage or delete the videos. Note that Live event upload videos have an expiration date. To save the Live event upload videos without an expiration date, be sure to move the file to cloud storage.

*Live event upload will save an event video that contains a 5-second video recording before the event. You will be able to rewind what happened before the event happened.


Filter file list

You can filter the file list by video type or date. Once the filter is applied, you will see a red dot appear on the top right corner of the filter icon. You can select one individual date or a range of dates. Note that you can’t choose a date for which no event happened.

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