Live view #


Click on any camera connected to the cloud and start Live View.


Overview #

On Live view display:
A) Camera name and camera model name.
B) Camera orientation (Front / Rear / Interior)
C) Multi live view (Fleet plan only)
D) Mute/Unmute
E) Flip horizontally / vertically
F) Fullscreen
K) Voice Call (for X Plus models)

Voice Call is a new function that replaces Two-Way Voice Communication for compatible models (as of this release, it is compatible with all the X Plus models). With Voice Call, you can start a conversation from your BlackVue App or Viewer with the driver via the BlackVue dash cam installed in the vehicle.

On map:
G) My camera shows the camera’s name and speed.
H) Map type
I) Find my location
J) Zoom in / out

*The map will not appear if GPS recording is off.


Multi Live view (Fleet plan only) #

1. Switch on Multi View on the live view screen. By default, the sound will be muted when the multi live view is switched on.

2. Click Add cameras. A list of cloud-connected cameras appears. Select the camera and run the live view.

3. View 4 different live streaming videos simultaneously. If you click one of the live view screens, the selected camera will be within an orange frame. You can only hear from the selected video.

4. On the map, you can check each camera’s location.

*Note: Two-way communication is not supported on the web. You can use BlackVue app to communicate with your driver on the live stream. Voice call is supported on the web(for X Plus models).

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