Drowsiness Tracking graph for DMC200

Drowsiness Tracking graph: for Cloud-connected DMC200 Users


*How to view this new feature of DMC200 on our BlackVue Web viewer


Check the below condition 

  • Make sure your dashcam is the DMC200 compatible model, and if you’ve ever connected your dashcam with the DMC200 before
  • Your DMC200 compatible dashcam should’ve been connected to the BlackVue cloud 
  • “Drowsiness graph should be exposed in a live event uploaded video of Drowsy event.
  • Make sure your live event uploading setting of the drowsy event is on.


Step 1. Open the BlackVue web. Click Your DMC200 compatible dashcam on your Camera list of the BlackVue web viewer.



Step 2. Click the “Playback” button in your Cameras section of the selected dashcam.



Step 3. Get into the“Live event upload video tab” and tab the Drowsy file on its list.



Step 4. Scroll down on it and just watch the drowsiness graph. And just try to control the play bar, the red rectangular UI on it.
Basically, this part is synced with G-sensor’s one and the playing time. So you can compare the moment of the video 



Step 5. The graph displays the drowsiness data for the Live Event Upload file and the minute before.
The data consists of each eye’s raw data. More exactly, The degree of opening of both eyes is visualized as a graph.









Step 6. And you can intuitively check the more detailed information on each component on this graph by moving the mouse pointer on it. 

And the red section on the drowsiness graph is a drowsy moment that the drowsy driver has made the eye close for the sensitivity policy. 

*You can set the sensitivity policy Firmware > System > DMS tab. 



Storage Policy

The drowsiness tracking graph is only included in the live event upload file.

So It has the limitation of storage period up to the account plan policy.


Type Camera [SD] Cloud Live event upload
Drowsy data policy O
Permanent with the Storage limitation Free: 7 days
Smart / Fleet

30 days

Move to cloud storage policy Common
* If SD card event file and Live event upload file are duplicated in Cloud storage, Drowsy file of Live event upload where data exists is exposed first



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