Remote firmware update (FOTA) for DMC200

* Caution to update the latest firmware of DMC200

Check the below condition to update DMC200’s latest firmware in the proper steps.

  1. Make sure your dashcam is the DMC200 compatible model and if you’ve ever connected your dashcam with the DMC200 before
  2. Check if your dashcam’s Wi-Fi is “on”
  3. Do not disconnect the coaxial cable during firmware update.
  4. Do not try to use other features in the BlackVue web until the dashcam rebooting is finished.

You can update the firmware over the cloud.
When a new firmware is available, file_ more or icon will be highlighted on the camera list.
The Firmware can only be updated when the dashcam is connected to Cloud.


Step 1. Open the BlackVue web. Click file_ more or  icon and you can find Remote firmware update.

Step 2. Check the new firmware information and click the Update button. Two devices’ firmware update could be available simultaneously [Dashcam and DMC200]. 

In this case, you should update Dashcam’s firmware first for the device’s interoperability.


Step 3. After clicking the update button, Dashcam or DMC200 will receive the firmware from the server and update. You can check the update progress in the message at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 4. When updating firmware, the dashcam will force a reboot. Hence, do not disconnect the power supply. Any power interruption may prevent the firmware update from completing, which may result in the dashcam,

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