Member management

Invite a member #


1. Click Members on the side navigation bar. You will see the member list. Click on the + Invite members button.


2. Type in the member’s email address and select the member’s role between Driver and Admin.

*Note: Take into account that you can’t change the role assigned to Admin or Driver. If you want to change the role, you will have to delete that member and assign the role to that member when inviting again.


3. Once an invitation has been sent, you will see the member with pending status on the list. The status changes when that member accepts the invitation.


Invite status #

You can assign a pending member to a group and camera before they accept your invitation as long as it’s not an expired invitation.

If the invited member does not accept the invitation, that invitation will expire. To invite that same member again, delete the existing expired member and invite the member again.


Delete member #

To delete an individual member, click  and Delete.


If you want to delete a group of members, tick the checkboxes of members you would want to delete and click on Delete.

* It is better for you to delete a member whose invitation status has expired in case you have designated the member to any camera in a group. It will fill the slot for that camera, hence you will not be able to designate another member to the camera when it’s necessary.


Member details #

Click on a member on the Members page. You will find the member’s details. On the member’s detail page, you will see the group the member belongs to and the assigned camera(Driver only).


Changing permissions (Admin only)

Click on the Permissions button to see permissions you can assign to the admin. Once the button is clicked, you will see permissions settings. Pay special attention to the permissions for each admin.



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