Change notification settings

Change notification settings #


1. Go to the settings page

2. Click Notifications.

Push notifications

Push notification is on by default. If push notification is on, push notifications will be sent to your PC, App, and Web viewer. Turn it off if you don’t want to receive push notifications.


Email notifications

Email notification is off by default. If you turn it on, email notifications will be sent to you and the recipients you enrolled. Do not turn it on if you don’t want to receive email notifications.


Click and type in the email address to invite. Invite the recipients who receive email notifications.

You can enroll up to 3 email addresses, including your email address. All 3 slots are filled, you can’t invite any more. Accepted and pending recipients may fill the slots but expired recipient fills no slot. If any pending invite is expired, you can invite another recipient.


Click  to delete the enrolled recipient.


3. When Push or Email Notifications are on, you can change notification settings per each event detected by the dashcam. By default, only Manual recording and Impact detection under parking event recording is on. Click the events you want to receive notifications.


*X models allow Low Voltage Warning notification.

**If you have connected DMC100 to DR750X-3CH Plus, you will be able to set up notification settings for Driver Monitoring System (DMS) triggered events.



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