Playback videos

Playback videos #


With BlackVue iOS & Android app, you can play all the videos recorded while you enjoy driving. There are 3 different tabs (Camera, Cloud, and Live event upload) when you tap any camera on camera list.

The Map won’t show any GPS location data if you turn off the GPS location in the Recording setting or your camera gets disconnected from the server.

Camera tab:
Camera tab is activated only when the camera is connected to the cloud. Files in the Camera tab are files stored in the camera’s SD card.

Cloud tab:
You can view files uploaded to Cloud storage.

Live event upload tab:
Files stored on the Live event upload tab are automatically deleted after their expiration date. Files stored on that tab can be uploaded to the cloud for archiving without expiration.

*If Live event upload is turned off, no files will be shown under this tab. The Live event upload feature can be turned on again from Camera menu > Settings > Live event upload.
**Live event upload will save an event video that contains a 5-second video recording prior to the event. You will be able to rewind what happened before the event happened.


Cloud Connectivity #


Cloud Connected: 
Cloud Disconnected: 


Manage video files #


On the file list

1. Tap any camera on the camera list.
2. Tap select-iconto select a video to move to cloud, download, upload or delete. Depending on where the file is stored, the functions you can do are different.

3. If you want to manage a bunch of videos, tap select-icon on the file list. Tap select-all-icon to select all.


* Manage features

Manage - Upload : Uploads the selected files to cloud storage.
Manage - Download : Download the selected file to your mobile device. You can replay downloaded videos from ‘Downloaded Videos’ in the BlackVue app.
Manage - Move to Cloud : Moves the selected file to the Cloud tab. This feature is only available for Live event upload files, and files moved to the Cloud have no expiration date.
Manage - Delete : Delete the selected files.




While playback

If you Tap file_ more, you will get to select either download or move to the cloud. Tap Download to save the video to the internal memory of your mobile device. To upload the video to the cloud, tap Upload. You will be able to find the uploaded video in Cloud.


Storage status
Under the tabs, you may find the storage status bar. Check this status to secure free storage for important videos.


Filter file list
1. Tap  , you can select the date or time periods. No video’s recorded on any date in gray.

2. Tap Filter iconto filter video types. All types of videos are selected by default. Once you deselect any type and tap OK, you will find a blue point added to the filter icon as in Filter_active.


Video playback

1. Tap on the video to play and select the video quality at the pop-up and OK. Check if your device supports original file playback.

2. The selected file plays at the top and you can see the map screen at the bottom. You can check the path and speed of the vehicle on the map below.
You can flip the camera view simply by tapping one of the cameras (Front, Rear, or Interior) at the top right.

**Live event upload will save an event video that contains a 5-second video recording prior to the event. You will be able to rewind what happened before the event happened.

**If you play any video, you will be able to find a BlackVue icon on the map. As the video plays at the top, you will see it moving along the street on the map.

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