Manage cameras on the map view

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On the map view #

Once you open BlackVue app, you will land on our walkthrough pages. Pages may appear differently, depending on whether you are logged in or not. The one on the left may appear if you are not logged in and the one on the right may be visible when you are logged in. If you took in all the information, tap anywhere on the screen.

On the map view

1. Tap on Map button at the right bottom.

On the map view - 1

2. On the map view, the app will show the public cameras in the region. To hide them, tap Public on button. Then, you will see your own cameras only. Public off means that the public cameras are hidden on the map.

3. To pinpoint a certain group of cameras. Tap Filter to filter out the cameras you would not need to see on the map at the moment. All groups are selected to be visible on the map by default. Unselect the groups and tap OK. If you tap Clear, the changes you made in this filter will be reset and you will be moved back to the map view. Once you made any change in the filter and tap OK button, you will find a blue point on the right top of the filter icon. Filter on means that a change has been made in the filter. If you don’t have any cameras or groups, you will find the filter icon as invisible as in Filter disabled. (Fleet Owner Account only)

On the map view - 2

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