Remote firmware update (FOTA)

Remote firmware update (FOTA) #


You can update the firmware over the cloud.
When a new firmware is available, an icon will show near your dashcam’s name.
The Firmware can only be updated when the dashcam is connected to Cloud.

1. Open the BlackVue app. Tap Connect to Cloud.

2. Tap file_ more icon of the camera you want to the firmware update.


3. Tap Remote firmware update and Download. The dashcam will start downloading the firmware from the server.

4. Once the firmware download is complete, the app will let you know by showing the message below. Tap OK to let the dashcam update its firmware. When updating the firmware, the dashcam will force reboot and start updating the firmware on its own. Hence, do not disconnect the power supply. Any power interruption may prevent the firmware update from completing, which may result in the malfunction of the dashcam.

4. If you tab OK, the dashcam will update automatically. Once the update is complete, you will get a voice message.

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