GPS Tracking

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GPS tracking #


1. Tap any camera to find out about its GPS tracking data. Then, tap GPS tracking at the bottom.

gps tracking on blackvue app


2. Tap search on blackvue app to select a range or multiple dates. 

3. Each date may contain multiple driving routes. By default, you will be able to select a range of dates. If you tap  button on the right top, you will be able to pick multiple dates separately. And the button will change to pick range on blackvue app button. Tap pick range on blackvue app button again to select a range of dates.


4. Select the routes you would like to view GPS data on the map.

routes on blackvue app


5. Tap to see the tracking logs. Each alphabet represents a route selected during the filtered period. The most recent route is A0. If you tap log expander on blackvue app button, you will see all the recordings of both normal and event. Tap play button on blackvue app to see playback and to download the video.

  • GPS Tracking Icons
Route start  
Route end  
Impact Event Driving impact 
Parking Event Parking impact 

Reckless Driving

Hard accelleration
Hard braking
Hard coernering
Over speed
Manual EventManual  
Geofence EventPass
Inattentive Driving Drowsy
Hand distraction

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