How to connect Camera without login(Wi-Fi Mode)

What’s “Wi-Fi mode”

The manual describes the “Wi-Fi mode” available on the BlackVue App, which is designed for users who do not want to create an account and log in or need to connect their dashcam directly to the App. #

Our BlackVue App supports “Wi-Fi mode” for the users in the Below situation

  • People who don’t want to create an account and log in

  • When people have to connect their dashcam to the App directly

How to use this “Wi-Fi mode” in the BlackVue App. #

1. Get into the App, and You will see the  Onboarding page.

2. You can see the “Wi-Fi Mode” Button.

3. Tap this button ( “Wi-Fi Mode” ). Then you will see the Home screen of the Wi-Fi Mode.


How to Connect Wi-Fi camera to App via this Wi-Fi mode #